PayYoda is a secure, transparent and professional decentralized payment application ecosystem. Powered by blockchain, PayYoda will greatly reduce payment costs, reduce intermediate links and improve circulation efficiency by taking advantage of blockchain distributed storage, openness, fairness, transparency, traceability, and unforgeability.

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About Us

About PayYoda

As the most adaptable decentralized payment infrastructure in the world, PayYoda will integrate the application system in the industry with the blockchain platform, realize the seamless connection between the new technology and the traditional industry and the existing application system, so as to break through the technical bottleneck of the original traditional payment platform and realize its unique payment business logic in the blockchain smart contract.

PayYoda is more focused on providing payment protocol and open-source development platform, so that payment institutions / channels can use blockchain technology to solve related problems or meet relevant needs more quickly and at low cost; through a set of simple / practical / strong operability blockchain payment technology solution, developers can better expand and redevelop on this basis. At the same time, it links the relevant industrial chain, and establishes a decentralized payment ecosystem of blockchain that can clearly divide labor, improve social efficiency and reduce related costs.

our Goals

The emergence of DeFi means that the era of decentralized digital economy is coming in an all-round way. The digital transformation with blockchain as the core is changing the business model and development pattern of the payment industry.

Decentralized payment application

The PayYoda payment network adheres to the concept of decentralization in terms of payment currency, technical architecture, operating system, and governance mechanism

Meet large-scale commercial applications

PayYoda supports complex account system, PUSHPAY and PULLPAY complex payment mode, complex transaction type and more reasonable payment business flow to meet the large-scale commercial application.

Solve the problem of secure payment

PayYoda builds a credit-driven ecosystem through a credit scoring system to solve the problem of safe payment.

Low-cost and efficient ecological operation

PayYoda realizes low-cost and efficient operation through decentralized operation support system.

Sustainable payment ecosystem

PayYoda adopts a completely open ecological model, allowing participants in the ecosystem to focus on their best tasks, and through corresponding incentive mechanisms to ensure that their respective interests are maximized, and innovation is driven by the market.

More details

PayYoda has obtained the full support from YOT FOUNDATION LTD., and its exploration and construction in the field of payment has been fully supported and affirmed by the foundation. Globalization, standardization, and compliance are not only PayYoda's strict requirements for itself, but also an important direction for PayYoda's development. At present, PayYoda has obtained MSBs in the United States and Canada, and will start from North America to expand its main business globally.

MSB in the United States
MSB in Canada

Technology Architecture

Issuance plan

【Token Name】:
Yoda Token,Abbreviated as YOT;
【Total Issuance】:
173 million
【Distribution plan】:
  • Ecological application 20%
  • Technical team 10%
  • Foundation reserved 10%
  • Market circulation 60%

development plan

the first stage

Through the research on the blockchain payment market, the development direction of PayYoda is determined, the overall product scheme design is established, and the PayYoda feasibility analysis scheme is proposed.

the second stage

Complete the internal test of account performance, improve and optimize the operation system, use PayYoda for consumption and shopping, and complete the construction of ecological infrastructure framework.

the third stage

Build autonomous and incentive communities to help PayYoda pay for ecological sustainable development.

the Fourth stage

Complete and improve PayYoda trading system and payment system, and connect with the market. YOT will go online in succession to the major global head exchanges.

the Fifth stage

We have completed the access of PayYoda multi ecosystem, carried out commercial cooperation in the global scope, and successfully launched the global major head exchanges.